Avant Garde has begun!

Hello loveys!

Construction of our Avant Garde has begun and is well underway which will be the final look in our collections. It will be the last to come out on the runway and is meant to showcase your who collection and basically go out with a bang! Since mine is very girly, elegant and has a hint of boho, i decided to construct a lavish white gown that will have a contain a lace bodice, high low hem and a ruffled bottom skirt (yet to be attached) that will be full of fake petals. I have a big extravagant bow which compliment the entire statement garment. We only have about 5 classes to construct it so it will be challenging, but I’m quiet surprised, I’m not doing too bad! Can’t believe this is only 2 weeks left until show day on the monday coming. Cant wait until that day and have all my models in my collection pieces ready to rock the runway. Starting to finally get really excited and not focus on all the stressful times. Countdown begins next week! avant garde processlove michelle


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