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It seems to be the current trend these days, celebrities deciding to branch out more into the social media spotlight to express their creative agenda to the world in the form of a blog. Celebs such as Ashley Tisdale, Jamie Chung and Ashley Madwkwe have jumped on the bandwagon along with Arrow’s Katie Cassidy to enlighten followers from around the globe with the latest trends.

TOMBOYKC was collectively launched back in 2013 by Katie and co-founder friend Lynsey Eaton aiming to inspire woman and empower them with more confidence in being comfortable with who they are. With both ladies sharing a defiant passion for fashion, they wanted to create a place which expresses the bond they both share over fashion. Katie and Lynsey are both strong, independent women who aren’t defined by one style. The influence that TOMBOYKC reflects is that women should wear what they want and feel confident in doing that. Personal style should be that. Personal. 10568864_681473471937214_6821868239390011907_n

To get the latest scoop on TKC and what it’s future holds I talked to co-founder & editor Lynsey.

How would you describe your own style?
L: We always say our personal style would best be described as “borrowed from the boys”

What do you see TKC becoming in the next 5 years? How do you think it will evolve and in what way?
L: In the future, we hope to focus on different individuals who are more interesting, such as celebrity hairstylists, make- up artists, designers, and fitness instructors. Basically, people that you may not have heard of but that have interesting stories to share. We have done some of this in the past but we are looking forward to putting more of a focus on that in the future. In the next month, even, we are really beginning to branch out in that way and introducing our readers to new and fun people that we think deserve some of the spotlight.

What is the process for collaboration posts on TKC?
This is entirely dependent on the situation. When we meet someone that we want to collaborate with, or discover someone that we would love to work with, we begin with an idea and then evolve it from there. It’s always very different because you have to take into account that there are new personalities in the mix. So we develop ideas based on those people and then try and find cool photographers that we think would match up with what we are trying to do. Really, we just take it step by step each time, and adapt each project to the person or people we are working with. 

What is your life motto?
You do you, I’ll do me.

In New Zealand we are about a season behind in fashion so what trends do you predict will hit the big time in the fall?
We will always love menswear as a trend. Blazers, structured pants, etc. As well as dressing for comfort while still looking chic. By that we mean sneakers, oversized sweaters, knits, leather leggings, etc. We are also liking a lot of the minimalism that we’ve been seeing, and the use of neutral colors because that’s timeless. 
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