June Style Picks

Lets just put it out there, you all know I’m a lover of clothes and pretty much shopaholic, it is becoming a real problem. I never used to be a huge online buyer when it came to clothes, I’m the type of person who likes to try something on and see how it looks before I buy, but now working from home I pretty much spend my nights surfing the web for the next item to catch my eye. Theres a lot LOL. I tend to favor some stores over others, aka Free Shipping, price and just overall what they carry. In saying that I’m not a one shop stay with that shop kinda girl so I do love to shop around. Here are some of my fav items for this month, I gotta tell you though it was very hard condensing them down to my top 8, Enjoy x

Girls On Film Sweater // Bad Blood Stripe Tee

Crossways Sweater Black // Bomber Puffer Jacket

Lustre Mesh Jumper Rose Gold // Warrior Knit Top

Federation Long Sleeve Good Tuff Tee // 501 CT Levi Jeans



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