If you’ve known me and my blog for quite awhile you’ll know that I ‘never’ model anything, my main role is to style, photographer and basically be the brains behind the whole operation. I guess the main reason behind this is I can be SO super awkward on the other side of the lens. You might say, but Michelle you do shoots all the time, let me tell you, even though I soak all that information in and store it somewhere away in the back on my brain, when it comes to ME being the model sometimes what I try to portray does not translate LOL aka posing. But hey we all need to get out of our comfort zones and break that boundary, and you know what I TOTALLY feel for and appreciate my models 120%, they make it look so dam easy!

One of my dearest friends Emily is someone I ultimately trust behind the camera when it comes to bringing my vision to life so we had a little play around shooting me in one of my go to Winter looks.

Wearing Rollas Jeans / I.Am.Gia Coat / Adidas Hoodie / Rubi Ankle Boots

Photography: Emily Hugo Photography


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