New Year // New Goals

2018 where the heck did you come from so fast! With 2017 being one of my biggest years for The Style Reef, I felt like it went wayy too fast for my liking. I guess it’s always the same, the busier you get the faster the time passes you by. And with a New Year that means new goals and aspirations need to be set. I thrive off setting myself goals & achievements to work towards, it gets me out of bed in the morning. I previously stated as 2017 being one of the biggest years for The Style Reef, but with my blog coming into it’s 4th year I want to hit the ground running and put every ounce of passion I have for blogging into all my upcoming posts for the year. With so many ideas running rampant in my head, I cannot wait to turn those ideas into reality! So I hope you will all join me on this journey for the year ahead and make 2018 even better than the last 12 months. Here’s just some of the content I can’t wait to expand and explore of The Style Reef this year 🙂






Sourced Images; Pinterest / Tumblr / The Style Reef / @georgiana.banana


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